Tips For Using A Hydrojet Cleaning System To Clean And Maintain Your Sewer Lines

Hydrojet sewer line cleaning is an efficient cleaning solution to remove clogs from within your home's sewer lines and also go a step further than a traditional line snaking by cleaning the inside of the pipes. Cleaning out your home's sewer lines can be a job you will be able to complete on your own, but only as long as you are aware of the proper steps to take in the process to protect your home's plumbing. Here are some recommendations to help you clean out your sewer lines and restore their flow with a sewer line jetting service.

Arrange a Professional Line Inspection

Before you complete a sewer line hydrojet cleaning service, you or your plumbing professional will need to inspect the inside of the line. This inspection process is necessary for a few different reasons and will ensure your pipes get the type of cleaning they need. 

A visual inspection of your sewer line interior will help you or your plumbing professional understand exactly what is causing the clog in your line. If, for example, your sewer line is collapsed and is causing a blockage in the line, no amount of cleaning or spray pressure is going to clear the line because the line's interior is gone. 

Inspection of the interior of your pipe is also important so you can get a good idea of the current condition of your sewer line. This is important because a hydrojet cleaning system uses very high pressure and can damage very old and brittle pipes. Using a hydrojet cleaning system in old pipes that are at the end of their life will only cause them to crumble and completely fail.

An initial inspection of your sewer line will also help you understand where the problem is occurring inside your line, and if it is caused by tree roots, you can take steps to clean out the tree roots but also manage the tree's growth so it does not cause recurring interior clogs by growing again inside the line. Most trees will need to be removed or the soil around the pipe treated to discourage tree root growth to keep your pipe interior blockage-free.

Protect Your System

When your home is on a septic system or connected to the city sewer line, you will still have to clean out your sewer line interior because of the type of waste that will flow through it and out of your home. Line blockages and interior build-up will occur with both types of systems, but when you are on a septic system, you will want to be careful about the types of chemicals you use to clean out your sewer line. For this reason, hydrojet cleaning is a great recommendation to clean your lines and protect the bacterial balance of your septic tank because it only uses water.

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