3 Things That Can Happen If You Don't Have Your Chimney Professionally Cleaned

There are few things quite as inviting as a crackling fire in a fireplace inside the home. However, having this one home element will mean there is one extra layer of maintenance that must be tended to on an annual basis: cleaning your chimney. There are professional chimney cleaning services just about everywhere in the country, but too many homeowners neglect to call these pros to have their chimney cleaned on a regular basis. Here is a look at just a few things that can happen if you do not have your chimney professionally cleaned on a pretty regular basis. 

You will notice bad odors when you use your fireplace. 

The chimney is the only line of ventilation from your fireplace. If the inside of that ventilation line is lined with soot and other debris, you may notice a bad odor when you light your fireplace and all that junk starts to heat up. The heated layer of gunk can also generate fumes that get routed back into the house that can be dangerous for your respiratory system. Therefore, if you are noticing a bad odor when you burn wood in your fireplace, it is a good sign that you need a professional chimney sweep right away. 

Your chimney will be at risk of decay from the inside out. 

The soot and crud that builds up inside of the chimney should be removed on a regular basis because it causes the chimney's materials to start to degrade over time. Not only are some of the components in soot acidic and corrosive enough to break down masonry stones and a metal sleeve, but they can also be quite heavy as they accumulate. The added weight of the soot can actually put undue stress on the chimney's structure and cause it to collapse if that stress gets to be too great. 

You can create a fire hazard for your home. 

Perhaps one of the most logical reasons to have your chimney professionally cleaned or swept on a regular basis is to prevent problems with fire hazards from inside the chimney. If the smoke that is being sent out through the chimney cannot get out, it also means that some of the heat generated can't get out either. This can cause the materials the chimney is made out of to overheat, which can easily cause a fire to start around the chimney of the house.

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