Should You Encapsulate Your Crawl Space?

Are you battling issues with moisture and humidity in your home? The problem could come from your crawl space. A crawl space is a small area under your home that allows access to your pipes and wiring. In some cases, it might be big enough for limited storage. In others, it may only be big enough for a person to crawl into for maintenance and repairs.

No matter the size, your crawl space can be a source of moisture and humidity in your home. Moisture can seep into your crawl space through cracks in the walls or floor. That moisture can then spread throughout your home via your ventilation system. Fortunately, you can reduce crawl space moisture with something called encapsulation. If you have a moisture issue in your home, crawl space encapsulation could be the solution for you.

What is crawl space encapsulation? 

Crawl space encapsulation involves using a heavy-duty barrier to cover the walls, floors, and sometimes the ceiling of a crawl space. Sealing tape is used to hold the barrier in place and form a tight seal over the walls of the space. Once the space is completely sealed, a humidifier is usually installed to remove moisture from the air. The result is a dry, moisture-free area below your home.

What are the benefits of crawl space encapsulation?

There are a few ways in which crawl space encapsulation could benefit your home. The most obvious is that it reduces moisture from the air in your home. This could be helpful if you have a mold or mildew issue. Also, if your home sometimes has a mildew odor, encapsulation could be very helpful.

Encapsulation also helps with energy efficiency. If you have moisture coming in from outside, you also probably have airflow going in and out of the cracks in the crawl space. Your air conditioner or furnace may have to work overtime to reach your desired temperature. Encapsulation stops those air flow leaks in and out of your home and improves your energy efficiency.

Finally, you may also have insect issues that originate in your crawl space. Insects can get into a home through even the tiniest crack. They can then spread through the walls, floors, or even your air ducts. If you're finding insects in your home without explanation, it could be due to leaks and cracks in your crawl space. Encapsulation may solve the issue.

Ready to address your moisture issues? Contact services such as Perma-Dry Waterproofing & Drainage, Inc. They can help you determine if encapsulation is right for you.

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