Things To Know About Having A Well Pump Installed

If you're putting in a new well, once it's dug and the casing is in place, you'll need to have the pump installed. There are different types of well pumps, so the first step is to gather data about the well and casing so that you can buy the best pump. Here are some things to know.

Buy The Right Well Pump

Using a well pump installation service is advisable if you don't know much about wells yet. If this is your first well, it's probably best to leave the entire setup to professionals. The right pump is necessary so that your home has adequate water pressure and flow. Things you'll need to know are the depth of the well and the width of the casing. Deep well pumps are usually the submersible variety, and these come in different power ratings, so you can get the power you need to pump water out of the ground and into a storage tank.

Installation Is A Careful Process

Placing the pump in the right place is important so that sediment is kept out of the pump. A submersible pump should be under the water but above the soil. The placement can be calculated if the depth of the well is known. Lowering the pump is careful work because wires could be damaged that cause the pump to wear out quicker. Once the pump is positioned properly, it's secured, and connections are made to the electrical system that are housed above the ground.

The Control Box Makes The Pump Work

Placing the pump in the well is only part of the installation process. The pump wiring is then connected to a control box and breaker box. The breaker protects the pump from a power surge in the same way the electrical panel protects your home by flipping a breaker to turn off the power. The control box has several other functions. It monitors the well for fluctuations in water level, pressure, and voltage. It can detect problems with clogging and malfunctions. Other meters, valves, and gauges are connected to the pump to monitor and regulate flow from the well to the water storage reservoir in your home.

Installing a well pump is a complex job that requires skill and training. It's necessary to do the job right, so your home has enough water pressure for comfortable showers, and so that the pump has a long lifespan. When the pump gets old or develops problems, it can be pulled out to be inspected, repaired, or replaced. Replacing a pump is the same process as an initial installation because it's often necessary to buy a new control box to match the motor on the new pump.

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