Five Important Factors To Consider When You Have A Screen Enclosure Installed Over Your Patio

Homeowners who are planning to put a screen enclosure over their patio area need to take quite a few different factors into account to arrive upon the best design and construction for their needs and preferences. 

Overlooking any of the key factors in screen enclosure planning makes it so that you get less than you should out of your investment in an enclosure.

The following are five important factors you need to specifically plan for when making choices for your new screen enclosure:

The lighting

A screened porch enclosure is of course not going to let in as much light as natural sunlight shining on the porch without the enclosure. You are going to need to envision the lighting and make sure that the porch is adequately lit with the enclosure. 

You can maximize lighting in a screened in enclosure with a skylight. Alternatively, you can designed your enclosure with recessed lighting for some added brightness. Consider how brightly lit you want the area to be by thinking about what types of activities you're going to use your enclosure for. 

Outlet availability and electrical considerations

Having electric available in your enclosure is important if you want to use appliances like televisions on your porch. It's also important for comfort if you want to have fans available in the screened area for when the temperature rises.

You're going to have to plan for how many outlets you'll need to power all the electric equipment you envision using on your porch. 

The style of the roof

A screened enclosure is going to significantly alter the appearance of your home's exterior from the outside. In particular, the roof style of the enclosure is going to change the look of your existing home.

Generally speaking, you'll want an enclosure roof that will match well with your preexisting roof. You can discuss roof style options with your contractor to arrive upon a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Zoning and building code considerations

It's often necessary to acquire an appropriate permit before construction on a screen enclosure can begin. You need to look into building code and zoning requirements and factor the expense of acquiring any necessary permit into your budget. 

The ceiling

The ceiling within your enclosure has a big influence on the overall feel of a screened porch area. A flat ceiling will allow the enclosed area to feel more like a home interior. On the other hand, a cathedral ceiling is a good ceiling solution if you want your screen enclosure to look and feel more rugged and outdoorsy.

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