3 Things To Understand About Adding A Patio Cover To Your Home

If you have a patio that you would love to cover, one option is to install a patio cover over your porch. Before you move forward with installing a patio cover, make sure that you understand what a patio cover actually is. Also, make sure that you choose the right material for your patio cover and that it matches your home.

#1 A Patio Cover Is a Permanent Structure

A patio cover is a permanent structure. A patio cover is held up by stationary posts that are either attached to your roof deck or sunk into the foundation under your patio. The cover is designed to be left up on a permanent, year-round basis.

A patio cover is designed to protect you from precipitation when you are outside on your deck. It is designed to protect you from the sun as well. You will still get lots of natural light on your deck with a patio cover, while still being protected from the elements to a degree.

#2 A Patio Cover Should Match Your Home

Your patio cover should match your home. It is a permanent structure, so you want it to compliment your home. Make sure that you make the posts out of similar material to your home. For example, if you have an oak wood deck, make the posts for your patio cover out of oak, or if you have metal fence posts, consider making the posts for your patio cover out of metal instead.

Also make sure that your actual patio cover matches the aesthetics of your home. You want the color and design of your patio cover to go with the exterior paint on your home and with the style and feel of the patio.

#3 Choose The Right Material

Finally, make sure that you choose the right material for your patio cover. You want your patio cover to match with and fit with the feeling of your home. The most common materials to make a patio cover out of are wood, aluminum, or plastic. Choose the material that looks best with your existing home setup and the structure of your deck.

A patio cover expert from a company such as Evans Awning Co. can examine your home and your deck and determine what the best materials would be for a patio cover for your house. With a patio covered installed, you can enjoy natural light and breeze while being protected from the sun and precipitation.

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