Choosing Playground Equipment For Your Local Park

Whether you are building a new park or simply need to give an existing one an update, there are lots of exciting choices in playground equipment to select from. With the help of your contractor and a few fun additions, you can create a safe and inviting play space for neighborhood children. Here are just some of the many options to consider:

Rubber Playground Flooring

Rubber playground flooring offers a great alternative to using asphalt on your playground. The soft rubber provides an added bit of cushion for children as they jump off of monkey bars or finish a turn on a big slide. The flooring also comes in a host of colors and design options, giving you a way to add visual interest to this area of the park. Your contractor can use rubber flooring tiles that are all in one color, or you can alternate between the different shades to create a checkerboard design for your play area.

Rock-Climbing Walls

Child-sized rock climbing walls provide a fun way for kids to exercise and explore during playtime. These walls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from, and they feature proportions that are specifically chosen for children. When combined with your rubber flooring tiles, rock-climbing walls can be both safe and fun.

Themed Play Areas

Instead of choosing regular play sets for your playground, consider investing in themed equipment that sparks the imagination of children at play. A pirate ship with ropes to climb and a crow's nest for pretend play can be a fun idea or a play set shaped like a rocket ship with plenty of slides can make an exciting addition to your playground. Consider setting up several play areas with different themes for children to explore for even more fun.

Baby And Toddler Equipment

Making sure that your playground is fun for all ages means including a separate area with equipment geared towards babies and toddlers. Baby swings are a good option, and you can also select smaller play sets with toddler-friendly slides. Consider play houses where little ones can play without having to climb, and be sure to add a few benches where parents can sit and supervise their tiny tots.

Use these ideas as inspiration as you plan out your playground, and ask for advice from your contractor as you map where all of the equipment will go. With the right setup and fun playground equipment, you can make your park the go-to destination for families in the neighborhood.

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