Your Home Might Have A Slab Leak

Many homes are constructed on concrete foundations. Some property owners do not realize that pipes run beneath their foundations. This also leaves them clueless about the fact that water leaks can occur beneath their foundations. These types of leaks are referred to as slab leaks. If they are detected and corrected in a timely manner, the plumbing repair can be fairly simple. However, delayed detection and repair can lead to costly plumbing repairs because the leaks can negatively impact foundations. The following points will help you to understand signs that could mean you have a slab leak.

Running Water Sound

You might hear what sounds like running water even when you are not using any faucets, toilets, or bathtubs. If you merely suspect a slab leak, consider turning off all plumbing fixtures. Ensure your house is completely quiet by also turning off televisions and other sources of noise. The sound of water even if it is only a trickling sound could mean a slab leak is present. 

Higher Water Bills

Perhaps you have noticed a surge in your water bill, but your usage may still be the same as it always has been. Locating and checking your water meter can aid in determining whether a leak is present in your home. When you perform the meter check, ensure that no water is used in your home during the check. If the meter changes during your inspection, it is indicative of a leak because no water should be in use.

Cracked Tile

When slab leaks are present, water leaks into the ground. This can cause foundations to shift and result in floor tiles cracking or warping. If there are no obvious reasons for your floor tiles getting damaged, it is possible that you have a slab leak that is in advanced stages. Further damages could result in you needing services such as underpinning to preserve your home's foundation. 

Uneven Floor Temperature

Sometimes slab leaks involve hot water leaks. You might notice a surge in your energy and water bills. This is because you will be losing hot water from your water heater and it will continuously need to refill and warm more water. This type of slab leak can cause floors to have warm spots. 

A plumbing professional like Salinas & Sons Rooter Service is a good resource to use if you suspect that you have a slab leak. These professionals can determine where the leaks are located by using leak detection technology. They can also make repairs, which can preserve the structural integrity of your home and prevent other issues such as mold growth.

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