Beautiful Ideas For Remodeling Your Shower Space

When you approach a bathroom remodel, one area you want to give special attention to is the shower space. Many homeowners are choosing a walk-in shower over a shower-and-tub combination. This can be a big project because it might mean opening up the walls to re-work the plumbing and adding waterproof sheeting to the walls. The result, though, is a beautifully functional shower space. Design a walk-in shower that complements your morning routine as well as your bathroom design.

Spa Shower

Most homeowners dream of transforming their bathroom into a spa getaway. A good foundation for this is a spa shower. For the luxurious look, start with a high-end wall material such as marble or glass tile. Next, encompass the shower in a glass enclosure to show off your shower surround. From there, it's a matter of outfitting your shower with amenities. Spa panels with multiple shower heads are very popular. You may even want to add techno amenities, such as speakers for soothing sounds or even light displays.

Curbless Walk-In Shower

According to House Logic, curbless walk-in showers are becoming one of the most popular options. Curbless showers are a staple of universal design because they don't feature any rims to impede entering the shower. Contractors typically pair these walk-in showers with frameless shower door enclosures. This offers a beautiful, unimpeded view of your shower stall. You can still match a curbless shower design with spa amenities such as multiple sprays and tech luxuries. House Logic warns, though, that contractors must slope the floor toward a drain to avoid water flowing into the bathroom proper.

Wet Room

An update on a tub-and-shower combo is the wet room. This is still a walk-in shower, but it's been expanded to include space for a standalone bathtub. Many homeowners add a built-in bench for ease of use. Additionally, a wet room pairs well with both a spa shower and universal design. Essentially contractors enclose a room that includes the shower and standalone tub with glass.

Steam Bath

Another option for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is transforming your shower stall into a steam bath. This type of installation requires special considerations, including fully waterproofing the space and angling the ceiling to funnel moisture. Additionally, contractors must seal the glass enclosure to hold the steam in. Many offer transom windows at the top to eventually let the steam out. Finally, you must find a space for housing the steam generator. With all that said, a steam bath is a truly luxurious addition to your bathroom remodel.

Choose a walk-in shower design that best fits in with your lifestyle and bathroom style.

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