3 Great Tips To Make Your Landscaping Stand Out

Tackling a landscaping project is no small feat, especially if you are contemplating doing a large project on your own for the first time. You may have a great idea of exactly what you want to achieve in your front or back yard, but making it a reality is another thing altogether, and requires quite a bit of forethought. So if you're looking to be as prepared as possible before starting your project, take a look below at three great tips you will want to keep in mind during the process of doing some residential landscaping. 

Begin with a Focal Point

Having a focal point (or two) is absolutely necessary in any landscaping space. These should be things - most commonly trees and statues - that stand out from the surrounding landscape yet at the same time never completely dominate or distract from it. In other words, they are pieces that tie the space together while simultaneously acting as distinctive conversation pieces. So before you plan anything in too much detail, think about what you want these focal points to be, and how you can build around them using the resources you have at your disposal.

Think About Maintenance

It's natural for passionate amateur landscapers - especially those trying to complete a large scale project for the first time - to go a bit overboard and try to plant everything they can in the hopes of creating an amazing garden. Later, they inevitably discover that cramming too much into a given space, no matter how large, is a mistake that makes maintenance ten times harder on themselves. Think about what equipment you will need to maintain your yard and how much space you will need to maneuver that equipment. Without these considerations, you're setting yourself up for constant landscaping headaches.

Observation is Key

One of the absolute musts for good landscape design comes far before the first plant is put in the ground. However boring it might sound, observing the sun and wind patterns in your yard will prevent you from making huge mistakes when it comes to planting. Some plants can handle a bit more daily sun than others, and some are easily uprooted if they're put in a place that isn't shielded from a strong seasonal wind. You will want to consider which plants can thrive in specific locations, and how they'll interact with the plants next to them. 

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