3 Advantages Of Using Stud Welders In Your Small Business Operation

When you work with metal in your day-to-day business practices, whether your business involves vehicles and automotive components or building processes, there is bound to be a need to have a few good welding setups on site. While many small business owners will opt for an arc welder, it may be better to invest in a stud welder instead. Stud welders can be used in a variety of ways and are simple enough in form and function that they make sense in a business setting. Take a look these three advantages of having stud welding equipment for your small business. 

Stud welders are not as costly to operate as other welders. 

Arc welders, MIG welders, and even TIG welders are notorious for being huge consumers of power, whether it is electricity that is used or some other fuel source. This is because these types of welders require power constantly to keep the arc of the welder hot enough to melt metals during use. On the other hand, a stud welding system uses minimal power in comparison. You will likely not see huge spikes in your power bill or fuel usage by implementing a stud welder in your place of business because these welding systems use short bursts of power to function and not a continuous supply.

Stud welders are easy to operate for people who have little or no previous welding experience.

Having a stud welder in your shop does not necessarily mean you will have to go out and hire new employees to operate it. In fact, these machines are pretty simple to use, even for those who have little or no welding experience at all. You should be able to hold a brief training session with current employees to give pointers and see someone with no experience pick right up on how to weld.

Stud welders do not create as many safety concerns as other welder types. 

Welding involves using power to generate heat or an electrical arc to melt metal, which means there will always be safety concerns. However, because a stud welding system is much easier to use and made differently than traditional welders, the same safety concerns do not necessarily apply. The person welding will be using a welding gun that has been pre-loaded with studs that actually melt as they are applied to the surface of other materials. This makes them safer than arc welders.

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