Replacing Cracked Or Damaged Glass In Your Home

The windows in your home provide natural light during the day, offer a view of the outside, and protect your home's interior from the elements outside. Damaged windows can detract from the aesthetic of your home as well as allowing cold air in and warm air out. They also create a security concern as they are easier to enter the home through. Replacing a damaged or broken window is important and should be done as quickly as possible.

Replacing The Glass

If your home has older, single pane windows in wooden frames, replacing just the glass is pretty simple. It is just a matter of removing the old glazing, replacing the glass, and re-glazing the window to hold the glass in place. It sounds simple but if you have never done it, it can take a little work. The glass needs to be cut to fit and the old glazing removed completely. The frame should be inspected for damage while the glass is out of the frame as well. Wooden frames can deteriorate over time and rot if water has been leaking around the glazing. In these cases, the entire frame may need to be replaced, not just the glass.

Upgrading Your Windows

If your home has older windows, replacing them with new, more energy-efficient ones can save you money and increase the value of your home. If you have several that are damaged, it might be the right time to look at the upgrade options and consider doing them all. Contacting a contractor to help you evaluate the damage to the windows and determine the best course of action is a good idea. In many cases, a glass company can offer you the same services if you have one locally.

New Windows, Old Look

Sometimes homeowners want to retain the look of their older home but they want the efficiency of newer windows. In these situations, a glass contractor can help you achieve that look while installing new, energy-efficient glass and frames. Often they will make custom frames to match what was there but from new materials like aluminum covered in vinyl. The frames are lighter, will last longer, and are much tighter so offer better protection from the weather. The glass can often be upgraded to double or even triple pane glass as well. They benefit if durability, increased insulation, and they look really nice. If you are considering an upgrade like this, talk with a glass company like to see what they recommend. You may need a custom made window or there may already be several options to choose from.

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