Have A Mature Tree On Your Property Line? Get Professional Help To Install A Fence Around The Tree

Building a fence can be a simple process when you have a small backyard with minimal landscaping. But, you may have a house with a mature tree growing right on your property line. This makes it difficult to install a fence because you and your neighbor own a portion of the tree that is in the way. It would be ideal if you could just remove the tree, but your neighbor may want to keep it around. The tree may also provide shade and beauty to your landscape that you want to avoid giving up, so the best thing that you can do is hire a fencing contractor to help with creating a plan and then constructing a fence.

Try to Work with Your Neighbor

One of the first things that you should do is try to work with your neighbor on building the fence. They may be interested in adding privacy and protection to their backyard as well. So, you can save a decent amount of money by working with them and getting them to agree to building a fence. But, collaborating with them does mean you will need to run your ideas by them until you are both happy with the choice.

Decide on a Building Plan

It is important to come up with a game plan regarding how the fence will be set up. One way that you could do it is to build a circular chain-link fence around the tree to give it space to grow. While a large, mature tree may look like it is done growing, many trees just slow down but keep growing for decades. This kind of setup will help you avoid fencing problems, as the chain-link will provide enough leeway. An alternative is to build a fence up to the tree, leave a gap, and then start up again on the other side. The fence must be close to the tree itself for this setup to work and to enclose your backyard.

Consider Watering Needs

Another detail that cannot be forgotten is the fact that the tree will still need watering. If you originally thought that a wood fence might be the greatest option, you may want to look into vinyl because this will keep you from having to worry about watering the tree causing wood rot issues.

Hiring a fencing contractor is an excellent plan when you want to build a fence around a tree. To learn more, check out websites like http://generalfencecompany.com.

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