Reasons Why You May Require Boundary Surveyor

A boundary surveyor is used to establish the legal boundaries around a property. There are many reasons why a person may require a surveyor, such as for legal purposes. Usually there are already official records in place for public or private residences, but it never hurts to order a new one if you wish to have one on hand.

Who Does the Surveying?

The first question you may have if you need a boundary surveyor is who will be doing it. The official process is typically done by a licensed land surveyor who is qualified to use the sensitive equipment required for the job and who has a strong knowledge of all current laws regarding boundary surveying. Amateur surveys can be completed, but they won't usually be recognized in the court system if there is a dispute over the property.

Who Needs a Boundary Surveyor?

A survey may be ordered if there is a current dispute over boundary lines between neighbors. This usually happens if one neighbor wants to build a divider, like a fence, on the property, but the neighbors can't agree where the line is. The boundary surveyor can visit the residence and complete the survey and hopefully establish peace between neighbors. Another reason a person may request boundary surveys is when they are selling the property. The real estate agency may require the official lines for the listing and selling process.

Who Pays for the Survey?

The person who pays for the survey is the one who requests it. You should know that the process can be quite expensive, and there are several factors that can adjust the price even higher. A typical survey can run from $335–$650 once it is completed. Some of the factors include:

  • The size of the lot
  • The location of the land
  • The reason why the land is surveyed


There are some important things to take into consideration before ordering a boundary surveyor to survey your property. First, your property title may actually be outdated or incorrect, which could leave you with less property than you previously thought you owned. This seldom happens, but it is a valid risk. Second, as mentioned above, the cost to complete the job may be very high and out of your current budget. Third, in some cases, it could cause negative feelings between neighbors if there are pre-established buildings that end up being on the other person's property.

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