Tips, Tricks & Info on Maintaining the Look of Your Marvelous Marble Surfaces

Marble is a highly coveted material that can make any room feel more luxurious. Whether you use marble on your floors or your countertops, you will quickly find that it can change the entire look and feel of any room. In order to maintain the beautiful look offered by your marble surfaces, you need to know how to properly care for them. Fortunately, some tips, tricks, and info can go a long way toward helping you succeed.

Maintain Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is a cinch thanks to marble. In fact, marble is often a popular choice for homes, offices, and even hospitals because of the cleanliness it offers. To begin with, marble resists moisture, meaning you can cleanup spills quickly and easily. Marble also offers hypoallergenic properties, which means it can resist pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.

Daily cleaning of marble flooring and countertops does not require anything beyond a simple dust mop and a rag with some mild soap and warm water. Make sure you sweep the floors daily to remove any dust and debris. You should also wipe up spills immediately using a warm, wet rag and mild soap in order to prevent any unwanted stains on your marble.

Avoid Common Misguided Mistakes

Protecting your marble surfaces with natural cleaners is great if you choose the right products. However, you should beware of common mistakes that can ruin your marble. For example, lemon juice and vinegar are often touted to be wonderful natural cleaning agents but they can seriously damage stone surfaces, including marble.

Marble, like many other stone surfaces, tends to have a natural luster. The acidity in both lemon juice and vinegar tend to dull stone surfaces, which can absolutely ruin the luxurious look of your marble. Restoring the marble surface back to its original shine can end up being a costly option so it is best to avoid acidic products altogether.

Abrasive cleaners can also dull the look of marble. Make sure to only use soft rags and soft bristled brooms to clean marble floors and counters. Stay away from abrasive cleaners, too. When it comes to marble, a hard scrubbing is not always your best option. Because marble has a smooth surface, you do not need to apply a lot of pressure to clean up messes.

Use Specialized Cleaners

In order to preserve the luster of your marble surfaces, it is best to use a specialized stone cleaner. Stone cleaners are available at many home and garden stores. If you have trouble finding a specialized cleaner, you can always contact the company that supplied you with your marble surface. Another option is to have someone come in and professionally clean your marble at least once a month.

If you have never dealt with a marble surface before, working with a professional marble cleaner is highly recommended. The professional can provide you with additional tips and tricks to make maintaining your marble surfaces a breeze.

Keep an eye on marble surfaces in your home. It may be wise to apply a sealant to the surfaces in order to ensure that there are no cracks or holes. Check for damages to the surface of your marble on a monthly basis. If you are unsure if you need to seal the marble surface, a professional can help with that, too.

Professional marble cleaners can both seal and clean all of the marble surfaces in your home. If you have marble tile, the cleaners can also clean the grout between the tiles for you. The grout between marble tiles may collect dirt, mildew, and stains from spills. In order to restore the beauty and look of your marble tiles, you will need to clean the grout as well as the tiles.

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