Make Your Hot Tub's Filter Last Longer With A Tennis Ball

A hot tub's filter keeps the water in the hot tub clean by removing debris, scum and oils. As these impurities build up on a filter, the filter becomes less effective. Eventually, every hot tub filter will need to be replaced. Tossing a tennis ball in your hot tub, however, will prolong the lifespan of its filter.

Standard Hot Tub Filters Last 18 to 24 months

Many factors affect how long a hot tub filter will last, including the following:

  • the type of filter
  • the quality of the water
  • how well the filter is maintained

Standard paper filters typically last 18 to 24 months, but more specialized filters may last anywhere from 6 months up to 5 years when properly maintained.

Even with proper care, filters eventually wear out and must be replaced. When they're cleaned, the fabric in them is stretched slightly, creating marginally larger gaps for impurities to seep through. After a dozen cleanings, these gaps can be twice their original size and allow two times as much stuff through as they originally did. When they get to be this worn, they must be changed out for a new one so that pollutants in the water don't get into your hot tub's circulation pump and cause more serious damage.

Tennis Balls Collect Impurities

Throwing a tennis ball in your hot tub will extend the filter's lifespan by reducing how frequently you need to change the filter. The fuzzy surface of a tennis ball will collect pollutants in the water. After a while, you might notice a few hairs on the tennis ball, but it will also have trapped oils. Oils from people, lotions and hair care products will all stick to the tennis ball, even if you don't see them.

A tennis ball won't collect all of the debris in your hot tub, but removing some of the pollutants on the surface of the water can have a significant impact on how long your hot tub's filter lasts. For example, assume you have a standard paper filter that lasts for 24 months. You clean it every two months, and after 12 cleanings it must be replaced. If adding a tennis ball extended the time between cleanings from two to three months, you filter would last for a whole extra year (12 cleanings x 3 months per cleaning = 36 months).

Of course, like a filter, tennis balls will eventually collect as many impurities as they can hold, and then they'll become ineffective. Therefore, you may want to replace the tennis ball in your hot tub every time or every-other time you clean the hot tub's filter.

Skimmers Are Good Places for Tennis Balls

Tossing a tennis ball into your hot tub doesn't need to detract from your enjoyment of the hot tub. If you're afraid a bright green ball will detract from a romantic evening, it's easy to remove the tennis ball for a night and put it back in the hot tub the next day. Most of the time, though, you'll be able to leave the tennis ball right in your hot tub. Kids might enjoy playing with it if they're in the hot tub. When adults want to relax, the tennis ball can be moved to the skimmer, where it will still filter out oils but will be contained.

If you have a hot tub, throwing a tennis ball in its water is an easy way to extend how long your hot tub's filter will last. Owning a hot tub often requires some work, but this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can care for your hot tub. For more information on hot tubs and how to clean them, consider a site like

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