2 Reasons To Choose A Green Roof For Your Commercial Building

When the roof on your commercial building is shot, it's up to you to decide what type of roof to replace it with. There are several great options, but one of the best options is a green roof. A green roof is also referred to as a living roof because it contains vegetation. Green roofs offer a variety of benefits, and here are two reasons you may want to choose this type when your commercial building's roof needs to be replaced.


A lot of companies are trying to make statements to the public that relate to their stance to help save the environment. As part of this, companies are making changes with their buildings to become LEED certified. This stands for green building leadership, and it is a type of certification that promotes a greener environment. Installing a green roof on your building is just one of many things you can do to earn this certification.

Green roofs are made of several layers of building materials. These layers include decking, insulation, drainage, and soil, and the top layer is plants. Green roofs offer a number of environmental benefits, which include that they:

  • Provide better drainage – Because a green roof contains soil and plants, the water that lands on the roof is used by the plants. This reduces the amount of storm water on the streets, which may help reduce water damage flooding and problems.
  • Help reduce energy used to heat and cool your building – The soil and plants act as a barrier between the outside air and the inside of your building. This reduces the amount of energy you use, which is highly beneficial to the environment.
  • Reduce waste in landfills – The materials on the roof will last a very long time, and most green roofs last two to three times longer than alternatives.
  • Gives birds and insects homes to live in – This is especially important in urban areas where grass, parks, and trees are not prevalent.
  • Improve air quality – Plants remove many types of pollutants from the air. This process happens naturally, leaving the quality of the air purer and cleaner.

Putting a green roof on your building not only offers environmental benefits, but it can also offer benefits to people that live or visit the city where your business is located.

Variety of Uses

Having a green roof is a great way to attract people to your building. You could use this feature as a way of giving back to your city, or you could use it to make money. Here are some ways you could use this space:

  • Garden – A lot of building owners turn their green roofs into gardens. Visitors may visit the roof to see the various types of plant life it contains, and employees could spend their breaks in this area. Visiting a garden is very refreshing to many people, and it is a great way to enjoy nature in urban areas.
  • Park – If you would like to attract more people to this area, you could turn it into a park for children. You could add playground equipment, wishing wells, and other fun activities for kids to take part in.
  • Restaurant or cafe – If you would like to use this area to make extra money, you could set up tables and turn it into a restaurant.
  • Field – Another option is to use the space to grow crops. You could grow things your company uses to manufacture goods, or you could grow crops to sell.

Even if green roofs are not yet popular in the city your building is in, you may want to consider this type of roof. You can learn more about green roofs and other options by contacting roofers that offers commercial roofing services.

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